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Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction is a surgical procedure that is performed to shpe the breasts. It can be done by taking graft from other parts of the body or by implants. This surgery is performing under general anaesthetic and is done by plastic, aesthetic and recconstructrive surgeon.

It can be used during after breast cancer treatment to reshape women breasts.

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Treatment Duration

Breast Reconstruction takes time between 4-5 hours.


After the surgery 1 night need to be hospitalized.


The result of this surgery is permanent and can help to have better shape and symmetrical breasts.

Possible Complications

Scars can be visible at the first but it will fade during the time. The scar won’t go away 100% but will improve during the time.
Note: After the surgery will need to use compression medical garments to prevet of swelling and disshaping of the breasts. For 1 month heavy sport is forbidden.
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