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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is a surgical procedure that removes the extra skin and fat and tissue of the breasts tomakeit smaller and upper. People who have bigg breasts will have back pain during the time with breast reduction can make breasts smaller to have better sahpe and smaller breasts and no back pain.

Sometimes it combines with breast lift or mastopexy surgery. It is done under general anaesthetic. The scar is like lolipop around of nipples vertical down and sometimes even under the breasts.

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Treatment Duration

It takes 3-4 hours and is done under general anaesthetic.


On the day after surgery will be discharged.


Can have smaller breasts.

Possible Complications

There ispossibility of assymmetrical appearance. It has to be done by well-experienced surgeon.
Note: After the surgery will use medical garment to prevent of swelling rising and gives better shape to the breasts. For a few weeks lifting up of heavy things are forbidden.
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