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Forehead Shaving

Forehead shaving is a surgical procedure that helps to have rounder and softer forehead. For thi surgery will make incision under the hairline so the sacr will be invisible. The sutures are absorbable and won’t need to be removed. AFtr the surgery for 1-3 months will feel numbness on forehead as swelling will be there.

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Treatment Duration

This surgery takes 2 hours and is done under general anaesthetic.


After the surgery 1 night will be needed to hospitalized.


The result of this surgical treatment is permanent.

Possible Complications

As it is in doctor’s hand cannot predict excatly how much will be decreased from the bone size and doctor will do his best to make good satisfied result.
Note: The stiches that are used are absorbable. After the surgery will have bandages around of the head and will remove 5 days after the surgery.  
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MTF (Male To Female) SRS

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