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Jaw Implants

Jaw is the area at the end of chin which helps for biting and chewing. With jaw implants or mandibular augmentation can acheive more dominante and contour the lower face on sides. These implants are screwing to the bones on mandibular areas. Then the implants are joining to the bones and will have permanent result.

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Treatment Duration

Mandibular implants surgery takes 1-2 hours and will be done under general anaesthetic and the incision will be inside of the mouth.


At the same day of surgery or 1 day after the surgery will be discharged.


The result of this surgical treatment is permanent.

Possible Complications

If there will be any unsatisfaction and need to be removed it will be too hard to remove these implants as it joins to the bones and will be one part of bone.
Note: The stiches that are used are inside of the mouth and absorbable. Just for 3 days after the surgery have to do mouth washing and use soft foods.
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