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Thigh Lift

Thigh lift is a surgical procedure that is done under general anaesthetic. This surgical procedure helps to have thighter and smaller thighs. By saging and garvity effects the ski and muscles are sagged down. By this surgical procedure will remove the extra skin on thighs area and will plicate the muscles.

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Treatment Duration

It takes 2-3 hours.


The patient will hospitalized 1 night in the hospital and will be discharged the day after the procedure.


Will help to have smaller and thighter thighs.

Possible Complications

There will be big scar on inner thighs area that is fading during the time. As thighs areas have lymphatic glands, healing cannot be done fast and sometimes wound opening can happen and needs to be fixed by surgeon.
Note: After the surgery will need to use garment for 1 month. Heavy sports are forbidden for 1 month.
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