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Gulcan Kadıoğlu Şahan

BRT specialized, Sexual Therapist

After her education periods and a chronic illness journey that lasted for about 12 years, she met with the field of holistic medicine and realized that her illness had brought her to where she needed to be on the way she initially set out for her own healing. She started her education with bioregulation expertise, meridian and body therapy and continued in many fields such as vibration medicine, electrosmog, family syntax, homeopathy, Bach flowers, aromatherapy, mineral therapy. In her nearly ten years of professional experience, she has always seen modern and complementary medicine as an inseparable duo and continues her studies with Holistic Medicine.


Helistic Bio-Regulation Therapy Specialist

Bio-Regulation Trainer

Homoepathy Association Acute Intervention Training

Electrosmok field specialist and structural biologist DRT, 1, 2, 5 Level Instructor

Obesity Trainer The effects of allergies and hormones on obesity and diseases

Evaluation of Emotion and Illness Relationship by BRT In tescalar science for health (Interscale) 5 senses.

Effects of energy and bio-field on metabolic processes

Coronary Heart Diseases and BRT approach

Evidential and miasmatic, psychological, ……….

Role of toxicological factors in cardiovascular heart diseases BRT applications in autoimmune diseases

Chronic and degenerative disorders Psychological, depression, anxiety with BRT applications

Schüssler face reading training 2018 The main factors causing diseases Irodology, meridian currents and its place in diagnostic therapies Spine diseases, spine profile reading Seminar 2017 Flower extracts, bach flowers therapy

She isone of the owners of Holo World Health Company.


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Mona Mohammad Khabbaz